Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Testing IPythonQt

For you to test IPythonQt you first need to set up some stuff first:

  1. Install the following: git g++ cython uuid-dev python-qt4-dev pyqt4-dev-tools , I think that would be enough.
  2. You also need to install zeromq and pyzmq from sources here's a good guide to do that.
  3. Take into account that you need python2.6.
Now you can download IPythonQt's code from http://github.com/muzgash/ipython/tree/ipythonqt
check if you are in the right_branch (ipythonqt, not master): git branch
if not right_branch:
    git checkout ipythonqt
cd ipython/IPython/gui/qt
run ./kernel.py
Open a new terminal and run ./ipythonqt.py

Obviously it's not working with all its features, I just remove some dock widgets that were in the original design of the main view, but they're just commented because they don't do anything yet.

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