Monday, August 9, 2010

IPythonQt end of GSoC status

Enthought approved some funding for our mentors to develop the basis of this big projects that are rising. Yay!
Fernando Perez and Brian Granger (and I think Evan Patterson too) are working on a new communication interface between the kernel and any frontend(kernelmanager or kernel proxy in the diagram), to ease and standarize the work done by every frontend developer.

There're some changes also in the kernel by Fernando and Bryan.
And a reimplementation of the kernel manager by Evan using qt signals instead of callbacks for messages handling.
The floor is a little loose so the building of this scyscraper has to be more careful, and slow written and designed, but it will be for a greater good since its core it's getting robust and trustworthy.
Since the way to communicate with the kernel, and the kernel itself has changed, almost every part of the development before mid-term had to be written again, with a few stones in the way 'cause it depends on a bunch of people (just to mention that Evan and I are sharing QtKernelManager).
A new branch was created to implement kernelmanager.

Yesterday I was beginning the tooltip and tab completion support, it's not trivial, and since today is the 'suggested pencils down' date I'm going to improve the documentation and write some tests to fulfill Google and IPython's requirements.